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Puppies Linirgor Mactavish x Felicity Queen from Mariannehouse


We are boutique kennel for Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are family raised and live inside our home with us. They win in the show ring, but also compete in working tests, winning at all levels. All the dogs that we breed from are HD and ED X-Rayed and Eye Tested.

Charm Step

Charm Step

Our litters are very carefully planned. We take quite serious of choosing future owners of our puppies, because those people have huge part in what our pupps will turn in and because we want only the best for them. We offer lifetime support of all Charm Step owners and help and meet them with pleasure.


We believe that golden retriever must take a part of all family occupations. That is why he is not a yard dog, do not try to turn him into. He can lay in your feet until you watch TV, clean your kitchen floor from droped down products, lick your ears and throw down the content of your small table with happy wagging tail. Only then you will know that you own a golden retriever.


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Charm Step



Charm Step

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